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Body, soul and spirit: a trifecta of Nouet, Neubert and Gunns….

                                            “Body & Soul” Blended Scotch Whisky
Floral with top notes of jasmine, fresia and vanilla talc, sweet as honey with a drizzle of Lyle’s golden syrup stirred in, sandalwood, toffee custard and a hint of fresh lemon zest, with some musty peated barley lining the bottom of this dram.
The gorgeously sweet character is evident as this whisky soaks the tongue, oily and mouth coating, the mid palate bold sweet spice, ground ginger and warm pepper, the finish an intriguing blend of noble rot and peat reek.
A touch of water will boost the vanilla and honey intensely but tends to bitter the big spicy mid palate so best to drink this one neat. 92

Dave Gunns and Martine Nouet tasting “Body&Soul” on a shared Skype tasting. See Martine’s comments on this very special dram below…

3 thoughts on “Body, soul and spirit: a trifecta of Nouet, Neubert and Gunns….

  1. Martine Nouet's Tasting note

    Body and Soul
    Blend made by Sian Neubert, Dave Gunns and Martine Nouet
    Nov 2012
    Bottled by Compass Box

    Tasted Live on Skype with Dave Gunns on 22nd January

    Colour : Intense straw with gold hues, like a spring morning rising sun

    Nose : Soft and sweet, creamy and smooth. A big whiff of vanilla but somehow “crisp”, more like the pod with a woody touch. Fruit slowly unwinds and releases ripe plum and cooked apples. After a while, a definite peaty note rises up. Damp earthy, musty scent alongside with an ephemeral marine note. There is also an enticing, almost heady floral aroma, possibly freesia. A contrast which works beautifully. There is harmony and balance in that aromatic kaleidoscope. In the end, a fresh citrussy note of lemon peel balances the sweetness. On time sandalwood complements the “woody vanilla”.

    Taste : Smooth and round at start then followed by a dry spicy outburst. Flowing texture like raw silk. Dances on the tongue. Butterscotch, exotic spices. Ground ginger, nutmeg. Getting drier. The peat comes through with this quick fading seaweed note. A hint of toasted bread. The same harmonious balance as on the nose.

    Finish : A surprisingly long finish. Dry, spicy (crystallised ginger root) with an orange gingerbread aftertaste (French Chamonix cakes).

    I tried it with a dash of water. It enhances the floral and vanilla notes on the nose with a buttery touch but I don’t think it does any favour to the palate. It gets drier, spicier and somewhat astringent.

    It is very difficult to comment upon your own (meaning collective) achievement! But i must admit it is really good. I like the balance, i like that dual character: smooth and spicy.
    Exactly what the name says : Body and Soul
    Not a whisky that one can “spiteasy” ! I did what I never do: I drank my whole (wee) glass.

    In the end… the winner is… John Glaser. He gave us the right ingredients to achieve a good recipe. That was a real fun anyway. Thanks you Compass Box, Sian and Dave.

    Pairing suggestion
    Chamonix (French orange gingerbread)
    Canard à l’orange
    Mature cheddar on walnut bread

  2. Beautifully descriptive Martine and a true reflection of a stunningly balanced whisky, a marriage of Compass Box components and three passionate spirits…"Body&Soul"

  3. Tremendous dram for……’great Scott I’m so late in getting up’…………….uplifting and dramatic, noisy and assertive………..honeyed citrus nose which is inspiring………

    From: "Ronnie Cox"
    Date: Mar 6, 2013 4:59 PM
    Subject: Body and Soul

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