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To celebrate The James Sedgwick Distillery, Three Ships’ international fame and a Distell whisky tasting at Wild About Whisky we present…..

James Sedgwick Distillery is situated in the town of Wellington, Western Cape and was founded in 1886, making superb South African whisky since 1990.

At the recent 2011 World Whisky Awards held in London, Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish and Three Ships 5yo were nominated in the Best Rest of the World Blended Whisky category with the Bourbon Finish taking the top prize in the No Age category and the 5yo taking the top prize in the 12 And Under.

Earlier this year the international Whisky Magazine’s 2011 Icons of Whisky Awards, recognised James Sedgwick Distillery as the Whisky Brand Innovator of the Year with this quote”…parent company Distell is serious about whisky. It is time South Africa and the world took notice.”
Bain’s Single Grain Whisky 5yo 43%
Caramel and rich honeyed grain, then iced coffee.
Despite the obvious use of American oak there is extraordinary depth to this dram suggesting the richness of European wood.
The vanilla initially, is silky smooth on the palate, a mid-note of bourbon, then a sweet chilli finish.
Water brings out more of the grain and bourbon notes and softens the bitter finish, leaving a lingering liquorice note. 83

Three Ships Select Blended Whisky 3yo 43%
Sweet new make, then sweeter grains with citrus at a deeper level.
The palate is oily with pleasant vanilla new make, then the youngsters start yelling as the chilli hits the back of the throat and an estery note lingers on the finish.
Water boosts the grain character and moderates the bitterness at the end. 76
Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish Blended Whisky 43%
Peat smoke, hot wellies (gumboots), vanilla, toast, a hint of bourbon, spent matches and cedar wood.
On the palate there is immediately icing sugar sweet, then charred oak, pepper and then the sweet bitterness of a Guinness on the finish.
Water boosts the bourbon aspect, subduing the peated notes.
Excellent blend! 88

Three Ships Premium Select Blended Whisky 5yo 43%

Sweet peat and rich grain.The hot wellies are also here along with toasted oak and butterscotch.
A beautifully balanced nose.
The palate has a rich, full bodied mouthfeel, distinctly oily with soft vanillas, a hint of citrus, then loads of peat smoke with a lingering finish of sultanas.
Astonishingly great blend!
Water releases the Islay element in all its glory and makes this one of the best blends on this planet.
A James Sedgwick masterpiece! 90

Three Ships 10yo Single Malt Limited Edition Bottled 2010 43%
Intense rich vanilla pod, then a floral note envelops the malted barley.
A little thin on the palate, a malted sweetness, then big charred oak with a slight bitterness on the finish.
A dash of water reveals a hint of peat smoke but the vanillas and florals are still so dominant. 82
I would love to have tried this at cask strength….