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Tomintoul 27yo 43% – A deliciously sweet nose of honeycomb, honeysuckle and barley dipped in ….honey. This reminds me of an Asara Noble Late Harvest…gradually develops to caramel fudge. The palate is initially all dessert wine, light and mellow, then seville marmalade lingering to a fino finish.85A dram best suited to sipping neat then left for 10 minutes to develop without water. Rarely, if ever, will you find a proprietary 27yo for under R 1000.00. This delectable little gem can be found at under R 600.00 at most Spar Tops outlets.

I know it’s 10 o’clock in the morning but I had to pour a  Lagavulin 16yo just to gaze at that liquid sunset and try and ignore those salty sea-tossed sirens as they parted their smoked seaweed tendrils and sighed seductively…..damn it…..lost track….anyway I am a peat-head of the first order and have always had a fascination with Lagavulin and the knowledge that the 16yo is matured in boubon hogsheads. The Ardbeg 10yo is also matured in bourbon casks but the difference in colour is as stark as between a sherry and a gin. We know in a purist whisky world that 100% of the colour should be generated from the cask(s) that it is matured in so what does that say about the extraordinary colour of Lagavulin 16yo? Can we say spirit caramel and Lagavulin in the same breath…..? If caramel is being added, nobody is saying…….oh God… those sweet irresistable smoked bacon sirens are beckoning….again……

As a first blog lets not be shy….how about a tasting of an outstanding independent bottling of a 25yo Port Ellen? It is a 1982 60.4% sherry cask offering from AD Rattray. The nose is initially all seaweed with a hint of new paint, peat smoke and shellfish. Now take a mouthful but keep it in the mouth for a minimum of 15 seconds…chew it….the palate coats the tongue with sherry sweetness, then powerful creosote and tar on the finish…lingering…..exotic….Port Ellen. The balance of the honeyed sherry notes with the powerful Port Ellen peat characteristic is richly exquisite, A very, very special dram ….96

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