Our Whiskies and Spirits

Our bar at Wild about Whisky features an extensive range of whiskies and from around the world, including blends, blended malts, single malts, bourbon, straight rye, straight wheat and other single grain whiskies. While by far the majority of our whiskies are Scotch single malts and blends we also stock Irish, Japanese, American, Indian, Australian, Welsh, Belgian, Canadian, South African and many other territories too.
Around 60% of our products are available in South Africa, with increasing numbers being made available here on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately our customs and excise laws have made it very difficult for distributors to import many of the whiskies available in Europe and elsewhere. The fact that European markets favour bottling at 40% ABV in 70cl bottles results in a special bottling having to be set up for export to South Africa, where we are only allowed to import whisky at 43% ABV in 750ml bottles.
Our menu features whisky and other spirits for sale by the tot, each with a short description and tasting notes, as well as our ‘Whisky Tours’ or tastings. Each tour comprises six half-tots, and is accompanied by pure still water and water biscuits. You have the choice of enjoying the tasting quietly in your own space, or while being tutored on how best to enjoy it, along with a brief chat on how whisky and other spirits are made.

Take a look at our list of whisky tastings here.

Whiskies at Wild about Whisky