Maker’s Mark


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Brand: Makers Mark
Category: Whisky
Type: Bourbon/American whiskey
Region: USA
Strength: 45% alc/vol

Maker’s Mark maintain that they distil their bourbon to the lowest proof of any US whiskey distillery. This proffers a bourbon that retains a rich flavour profile. Developed by Bill Samuels Sr, he replaced rye with red winter wheat to reduce the burning sensation and enhance the sweetness factor. The bottles are individually dipped by hand in a red wax, making every bottle unique. We love Makers Mark whisky, a grand introduction for any new and old bourbon drinker of course!

Tasting notes:
Dusty, musty oak, acetone, ginger root, white talc & vanilla. Oily, light and vanilla sweet, then wheat driven bite, liquorice with warm toffee and caramel on the finish.


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