North Port 24yr 1981 Duncan Taylor

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A bottle of 1981-vintage North Port (aka Brechin) from independent bottler Duncan Taylor. This was released as part of the Rarest of the Rare series, for bottlings from now closed distilleries. North Port closed a couple of years after this was distilled, in 1983, and as such bottlings are becoming increasingly hard to find.

North Port was modernised in the 1970s, but closed in 1983 and was demolished in 1994.

North Port 1981 / 24 Year Old / Duncan Taylor Highland Whisky |

Brand: North Port (Brechin)
Type: Single malt
Country/Region: Eastern Highlands
Strength: 58% ABV
Bottle size: 750ml
Condition: Excellent
Level: Into the neck
Box: Excellent


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