Toashuzo Sanmi-Ittai

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Category: Whisky
Type: Blended Malt
Region: Japan
Strength: 46% ABV
A blended malt whisky from Toashuzo Co, the proprietors of the now legendary closed distillery, Hanyu. Sanmi-Ittai is a Japanese translation of the Latin, Trinitas, in reference to the three founders of the distillery in the 1940s. The trinity comprised Shimazaki, Inoue (both still credited as blenders for Toashuzo’s Golden Horse brand), and a Mr Akuto, the grandfather of Chichibu distillery founder, Ichiro Akuto.
Sanmi-Ittai is blended from one of the final remaining Hanyu casks, and selected other malt whiskies of an undisclosed origin, further matured in a series of other single casks.


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