Our Bar

We opened our whisky bar in 2006 with around a dozen whiskies. We slowly built up the menu to over one thousand whiskies from all over the world, and continue to add to it. Our focus is on whisky tuition, and with the aid of visuals and our tastings we endeavour to educate those who enjoy whisky. Although it is a dedicated whisky bar, we also stock a small selection of wines, craft beer, other spirits and Illy coffee, and we also serve all of our whiskies by the tot. We travel fairly frequently to Scotland and other whisky producing regions, to further our knowledge and also to secure new whiskies. Take a look at some of our whiskies here, or our tastings here.

Whisky tastings

Our whisky tastings tend to be a casual affair, aimed at individuals, couples, families or groups. Although we are able to travel we prefer conducting group tastings in our bar as we have everything necessary for an entire whisky experience right here. Each tasting comprises 4 to 6 half-tots of various whiskies put together as examples to best represent their categories or styles. We recommend that you contact us to make a booking if you are part of a group of 4 or more.

Only whisky?

We also stock a range of gins, brandies and other spirits, as well as a small range of wines, craft beers, and coffee. So come and join us and enjoy your favourite tipple – we may just convert you into a whisky drinker!