Tutored Tastings

At Wild About Whisky we offer tutored tastings, covering a wide variety of various whiskies, craft gins, premium brandies, sipping rums and tequilas from all over the world. Our tastings comprise 6 half tots placed on a tasting mat, with information on each respective spirit. For our full menu, please click here.

You are welcome to download any of our tasting mats, simply click on the title.

Whisky Tastings

  • Across the Whiskyverse
    Six varied styles from six countries – from an American bourbon to an Indian single malt.
  • Ageless
    Six whiskies with no age statements, showing that age isn’t everything when it comes to making great whisky.
  • A Tour of Scotland
    A varied range of single malts from the Lowlands, Highlands, Speyside, Campbeltown and Islay.
  • Business Class
    An array of some of the best Scotch malts on offer.
  • Celtic Mix
    Were the Irish or the Scots the first to make whisky? Taste these 3 Irish and 3 Scotch whiskies and you come to realise it really doesn’t matter!
  • Coast to Coast
    Traverse Scotland and sample the various coastal styles from several regions.
  • Copper and Coopers
    Copper purifies the spirit, coopers produce the all-important casks. Ponder on this while sipping on these excellent malts.
  • Corn Dogs and Peat Bogs
    Compare thee bourbons with three malts of varying styles from across the pond.
  • Dawn to Dusk
    A mix of cask types makes for some differing flavours in the Scotch malts.
  • Eighteens
    Six 18 year old Scotch single malts of various styles.
  • Fifteens
    Six 15 year old Scotch single malts of various styles.
  • Glen Gold
    A selection of excellent malts from some of Scotland’s glens.
  • Global Tour
    Compare some excellent offerings from Taiwan, India, Japan, South Africa with Scotch single malt.
  • Go East
    An excellent selection from India and the Far East.
  • Highland Journey
    Blended malts are blends of single malts from various distilleries, and these are some of the finest examples of the art of blending.
  • Irish Half Dozen
    Irish whiskey tends to be lighter and sweeter than the Scotches, often due to extra distilling. These 6 Irish whiskies are great examples.
  • Irish Luck
    An enjoyable flight of blend, grain, single malt, and pure potstill whiskies from Ireland.
  • Irish Top Drawer
    Some of the best Irish whiskies available.
  • Malt ‘n Magic
    AN exceptional range of Scotch single malts.
  • Master Blends
    Six blends (malted barley and grain) to explore outside of your comfort zone!
  • Medicine Chest
    A range of heavily peated, not-so-readily-available single malts from Islay.
  • Meet Peat
    Five smoky single malts and a blended malt from Islay, with an interesting range of flavours.
  • On the Spey
    These malts from the Spey Valley showcase the regional style – not peaty, with a mix of subtle spice and fruitiness.
  • Peat Reek
    “Peat reek” is the term given to the aroma of burning peat, which imparts its flavour to these whiskies..
  • Premium Picks
    Some of the best Scotch single malts we have on offer.
  • Sextet
    A great mix – from the unpeated Glengoyne, sherried Glenfarclas and Aberlour, full strength Tamdhu, to a heavily peated Campeltown and an Islay malt.
  • Staff Choice
    A few of our staff’s favourite Scotch malts.
  • Tens
    Six 10 year old Scotch single malts of various styles.
  • The Curse of the Smoky Haggis
    Six big smoky beasts for the “peat-heads”!
  • Twelves
    Six 12 year old Scotch single malts of various styles.
  • US Elite
    Some excellent American whiskies and bourbons.
  • West World
    Some great American whiskies, including bourbons and an exceptional rye whiskey.

Craft Gin Tastings

  • Ginius
    A showcase of the styles, flavours and quality that South Africa has to offer in the world of gin
  • Gin O’Clock
    Dullstroom has its own gin! Try 2 of them along with some other great summery styles.
  • Ginsational
    Gins have become extremely popular in recent years, with crafted flavours provided by various South African botanicals and the obligatory juniper berries.
  • Gin-tastic
    A spectacular array of some beautifully crafted and creative gins. From Italy, the semi-desert Karoo and the Cape.
  • Juniper Magic
    Birmingham-based Whitley Neill is inspired by African botanicals, as are the Cape based Clemengold and the Cradle of Mankind’s Flowstone.
  • Keep Your Gin Up
    Two greats from Six Dogs, along with four other flavoursome gins.
  • Let’s BeGin
    Sample the South African Mirari range along with three others.
  • LoGin to Juniper
    Many whisky distilleries also produce top quality gins.
  • OriGins
    A great mix of gins from around the world – South Africa, Ireland, Japan, England, Italy and Scotland.

Sipping-Rum Tasting

  • Caribbean Carnival
    From South and Central America, across the Caribbean, to the Philippines, sipping rums are deservedly trending due to their rich complex characters.

Brandy & Cognac Tastings

  • Eau de Vie
    From South African brandies to French Cognacs, this tasting features fruit-soaked flavour profiles from both styles.
  • Across the Great Divide
    Upping the game with some older, premium offerings.

Sipping-Tequila Tasting

Mixed Spirit Tasting