Tutored Tastings

At Wild About Whisky we offer tutored tastings, covering a wide variety of various whiskies, craft gins, premium brandies, sipping rums and tequilas from all over the world. Our tastings comprise 6 half tots placed on a tasting mat, with information on each respective spirit. For our full menu, please click here.

You are welcome to download any of our tasting mats, simply click on the title:

Whisky Tastings:

  • Ageless
    Six Scotch single malts with no age statements. This is a growing trend, and doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is compromised, as these will show.
  • American Premiums
    A unique selection of premium American bourbons and an American whiskey that has been finshed in a Napa valley wine barrel.
  • Around The World
    Six whiskies from six countries of varying styles: a bourbon, an Irish blend and three classic Asian single malts.
  • A Tour of Glenmorangie
    Six single malts from one of Scotland’s favourite distilleries, matured in a variety of cask types.
  • A Tour of Islay
    Islay is notorious for producing big, smoky, oily malts – love them or hate them! Enjoy two unpeated and four peated malts.
  • A Tour of Taiwan
    Established in 2005, Kavalan is Taiwan’s first whiskymaker. Kavalan takes the old name of Yilan county where the distillery is located in northeastern Taiwan.
  • Blackjack (Twenty Ones)
    Royals and aces, these are the aristocrats of the single malt culture. Six of some of the finest twenty one year olds available today.
  • Butts, Barriques and Hogsheads
    This is all about the maturing casks, where up to 70% of a flavour profile will originate, from the American Ozark mountains to the wooded forests of Europe.
  • Compass Box
    Canadian master blender John Glaser’s Compass Box is renowned for producing crafted Scotch under his maverick tutelage.
  • Connoisseur’s Selection
    While preference is subjective, certain whiskies will always impress, with these six being no exception.
  • Corn Dogs and Peat Bogs
    Sample 2 bourbons, 1 Tennessee whiskey and 2 Scotch single malts (one lightly peated and one heavily peated), and choose your favourite.
  • Eighteens
    Sometimes regarded as the ideal age or pinnacle of whisky maturation in a cold climate, these are some of the finest 18 year olds available.
  • Fifteens
    Six Scotch single malts aged for no less than fifteen years in American oak ex-bourbon casks, Spanish oak ex-sherry casks, or French oak.
  • Goa to Glasgow
    A rare chance of a head-to-head comparison of six single malts, three from Goa on the west coast of India and three classic Scotch malts.
  • Highland Treasures
    Some of Scotland’s best malts come from the highlands, which include the islands surrounding the country. They tend to be peaty, briny, and delicious!
  • Ileach (“Ee-Lack”) – a Resident of Islay
    Imagine a crofter’s cottage on the wind-swept, sea sprayed shore surrounded by nine whisky distilleries – this is what it means to be a resident of Islay… an Ileach.
  • IRA (Irish Readily Available)
    Irish whiskey tends to be lighter and sweeter than the Scotches, often due to extra distilling. These 6 Irish whiskies are great examples.
  • Islands and Highlands
    A diverse tasting of single malts across the length and breadth of Scotland.
  • Islay Stars
    Peated or unpeated, these are some of the Islay big boys, enjoyed either neat, straight from the cask or with a splash of water.
  • Keep Walking
    You’ve undoubtedly heard of the Johnnie Walker blends. Here’s your chance to compare 6 of them and see what all the hype is about!
  • Manager’s Choice
    Six not-so-readily available Scotch single malts to savour in your own quiet corner. Treat them with the respect they deserve.
  • Master Blender’s Art
    Four Scotch blends, and 2 blended malts – Shackleton and Johnnie Walker Green Label.
  • Orient Express
    A delicious sampling of Japanese blended malts from the Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries, legendary malts from Taiwan’s Yilan province, and India’s maritime malts.
  • Peaty Premiums
    The West coast and islands’ aroma of peat-reek is a fundamental character that imbues many of the high-end whiskies from this region.
  • Six Leaf Clover
    This illustrates different Irish whiskey styles: a blend, a single grain, 2 single malts and 2 single pot-still.
  • Speyside Specials
    A Scotch blended malt and 5 Scotch single malts from the Speyside region, home to around half of Scotland’s whisky distilleries.
  • Staff Favourites
    Six Scotch single malts of various ages, chosen by our staff as some of their favourites.
  • The Jameson Family
    Five iconic blends and one pot still from Ireland’s largest distillery, Midleton in County Cork. Malt and grain matured in top quality casks from USA and Spain.
  • The Lighter Side
    5 broad spectrum Scottish single malts that are lighter on the palate, and a moreish salted caramel liqueur.
  • The Wild Wild West
    Four premium bourbons, a Tennessee sourmash whiskey (Gentleman Jack), and a liqueur. All made with corn as the main grain, and matured in virgin oak.
  • Three Scots and Three Saffas Walk Into a Bar…
    3 international award-winning whiskies from the Cape’s James Sedgewick Distillery in Wellington, pair off against 3 old-style Scotches.
  • To Peat or Not to Peat
    That is the question… will your palate profile enjoy the selection of three unpeated single malts or will you brave the wild smoky wonders?
  • Toast to the Ghosts
    Spend time learning about the anecdotal and whimsical ghost stories that swirl and inhabit many of the Scottish distilleries… believe them or not.
  • Top Drawer
    Six of our best rated, more exclusive top-shelf malts… some of these may not be around for much longer…
  • Top of the Irish
    From Wicklow to County Cork this is some of the best whiskey the Emerald Isle has to offer.
  • Twelves
    Six excellent examples of 12 year olds from various regions in Scotland – Lowlands, Highlands and Speyside.

Craft Gin Tastings:

  • A Touch of Juniper
    Many whisky distilleries produce top-quality gins, providing much needed revenue while waiting for their new make spirit to mature.
  • Ginsations
    Gins have become extremely popular in recent years, with crafted flavours provided by various South African botanicals and the obligatory juniper berries.
  • Ginius
    A showcase of the styles, flavours and quality that South Africa has to offer in the world of gin.
  • Gintastic
    A spectacular array of some beautifully crafted and creative gins. From Italy, the semi-desert Karoo and the Cape.
  • Juniper Magic
    Birmingham-based Whitley Neill is inspired by African botanicals, as are the Cape based Clemengold and the Cradle of Mankind’s Flowstone.

Sipping-Rum Tasting:

  • Caribbean Cruise
    From South and Central America, across the Caribbean, to the Philippines, sipping rums are deservedly trending due to their rich complex characters.

Brandy & Cognac Tastings:

  • The Dark Side
    From South African brandies to French Cognacs, this head-to-head tasting displays fruit-soaked flavour profiles from both these countries.
  • The Darker Side
    Exotic, rich, dark and mysterious, these sipping masterpieces will linger on your palate and dreams!

Sipping-Tequila Tasting:

  • The Agave Elites
    This ancient spirit is so often misunderstood. Agave sweet, herbal, distinctly saline and spice driven, these exquisite tequilas will have you begging for more.

Mixed Spirit Tasting:

  • Divining the Spirit
    Use this tasting to compare 6 different trending spirits created in six different countries, comprising 2 white spirits and 4 barrel-aged spirits.