Highland Park Valkyrie

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Highland Park Valkyrie Scotch single malt is produced on the Orkney Isles, peated with plenty of heather-rich Orcadian peat.

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Brand: Highland Park
Category: Whisky
Type: Single Malt
Region: Scotland – Islands
Strength: 45.9% alc/vol

Highland Park Valkyrie is the first in Highland Park’s Viking Legend series in collaboration with Danish designer Jim Lyngvild who can trace his lineage back to Viking times. It’s made with approximately 50% fully peated stock (Highland Park’s peated floor malt is usually mixed with unpeated malt that’s bought in at a ratio of 1:4 before mashing), but of course with Highland Park this means Orcadian peat and classic floral, leathery smoke notes due to all the heather in the peat.
This edition offers a smokier Highland Park experience, but the smoke is still balanced. Highland Park Valkyrie received a score of 99 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, making it an ‘Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation’.

Tasting notes:
Nose: A Granny Smith toffee apple, chocolate & caramel – a Mars bar dipped in honey and barley sugar. Tendrils of peat smoke start to form like a mist across a heathered moor, then eventually a fusion form the tropics, pineapple and peach schnapps and frosted strawberries.
Palate: Velvet and warming, an effortless balance between the rich cornucopia of spicy exotic fruits and elegant smoke, with a lingering ginger and dried peach finish.


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